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Testing, One, Two, Three!

This site is under development, created as a student project for educational purposes at Pittsburgh Technical Institute.

Updates are frequent! Please return often.


Cheryl Z

Companies, products, and characterizations used in this project are completely fictional, and are in no way affiliated with any real company, or to be used as a source of information.

Links to Portfolio Pieces

Jewelry Customizer

Piece 1: This Jewelry Package Customizer in-store kiosk utilizes a rich palette of earth tones to create a Southwestern feel. Interactivity is enabled by hand-coded ActionScript, personalizing each user's order with their input name.

Fitburgh Online

Piece 2: My fictional company's items are viewed onscreen at the Fitburgh Online catalog website. All product content is retrieved from an online SQL database which can be selectively modified. A hand-coded PHP Content Management System allows authorized users to add and delete product records through interaction with this database. To test this real-time feature, log in with "boss" as username and password.

Wakeman Dental Products

Piece 3: Targeting dental professionals, this fictional company's HTML5/CSS3 website showcases a lively Flash tutorial animation to engage child patients. Keyframes and tweens in the educational cartoon show toothbrushing and smiling faces.

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